Meet Katie

Katie Barnett joined the Officekey team in June 2019 and primarily works out of our Kentucky office.  Before coming to OfficeKey, Katie managed restaurants and worked as a barista at a local coffee company. Katie has a bachelor degree in Graphic Design and Communications from the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Her background is in design and photography but she really likes being creative in any field she can.  

Katie was born and raised in the greater Cincinnati area, and likes to partake in as many local events as often as she can, such as coffee festivals and art shows. In addition to being our newest OfficeKey employee, Katie is also a part-time caretaker, and owns her own online marketing business. Katie looks forward to connecting and building relationships with new people everyday.  

When not working Katie can be found hiking, camping, kayaking, reading in her hammock, or at a local coffee shop enjoying a latte. Other hobbies include quilting, crocheting, screenprinting and woodworking. Katie thinks of herself as a “student for life” and is enthusiastic, and passionate about applying the knowledge she has learned to help others any way she can. 

You can connect with Katie and anyone else on the OfficeKey staff on Linkedin.