OfficeKey’s New Logo

We started out on a mission to update the website and decided that the logo could use a refreshed look as well. Thanks to the talents of Once Blind Studios we were able to come up with something that will represent us well on many levels.

There are several characteristics that specifically touch on what we’re about. The most obvious feature is of course the buildings. They collectively represent the different type of office buildings we are in; from a 3 or 4 story suburban office building, up to a 40 floor skyscraper. However, more importantly it’s intended to show that any size business can create an office home with us. Additionally, OfficeKey subscribers can add or remove space as needed so it helps to reflect the building block nature in which companies create their office.

We tied in the company name by angling the top of the building to be notched like a key. And finally, when the logo is viewed entirely, it is similar to the power button symbol on a computer. We felt that was a strong and relatable image even if it wasn’t consciously apparent at first glance. Companies get a turnkey solution for their office that is ready to be powered up whenever they are ready.