30 Years and Counting

Welcome to the brand new OfficeKey blog where will provide updates on what is happening with our company as well as offer some insight into the office services industry as a whole. With the launch of our new website and logo we figured that in the spirit of progress and change it would be appropriate for our initial post to glance back at the past and see where we’ve been, and perhaps provide some perspective into who we are.

In 1984 the company was founded as an HQ Business Centers franchise with a location in downtown Cincinnati. Several years later a second office was established in the northern suburb of Blue Ash, followed by a third in Northern Kentucky in the late nineties. HQ Business Centers became HQ Global Workplaces and in 2004 was bought out by Regus. That marked a trend of large scale consolidation in the industry and most of the franchisees sold out. Fortunately when it was all said and done we were able to sever ties and come out on the other end as a completely independent operator. Now with 2 more locations added in the last decade we are the market leader for office services in Greater Cincinnati.

Back in the early years the company was built on value added services to the customer. And while technology has changed a lot of what those services are, that focus has remained unchanged. People might have come for the space but they stayed for the service (see some testimonials here). Space is space wherever you go. Some is nice and some is not so much (we like to think that ours are on the “nice” list). But at OfficeKey we know that our number one goal is the help our clients run successful businesses. And that doesn’t happen without a staff of industry veterans doing everything they can to provide the best possible service to those who entrust us to support them.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We’re looking forward to engaging with you!