New Staff Photos

Recently we brought in Joe Porter of Innovatory Photography to get head shots of the OfficeKey staff. We have always depended on LinkedIn as the method by which our clients can familiarize themselves with our staff and match faces with names.  We’re hoping that this new staff page will make that a little easier.
We also invited clients to join us and take advantage of having a photographer on site.  Over 40 people were able to participate.  It was so popular that we hope to do it again sometime in the near future so those who missed out will have the opportunity.
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A digital presence is so important these days and a professional representation of yourself can go a long way.  That’s really the core of what we do; providing a professional image for your company.  We are not just an office space company.  Our mission is to provide our clients with an office that represents them well: whether they are meeting in person, calling on the phone or searching online.