OfficeKey: Providing the space, tools and services to establish Cincinnati offices since 1984

Prestigious Locations

Strategically located Class A office buildings in five Cincinnati areas

Technology & Equipment

Video conferencing, office machines, webinars, flat screen monitors and wifi

Administrative Support

Receptionist to answer calls and greet guests, plus clerical and mail staff

Work and Meeting Space

Multiple workspace, office and conference room options for every need


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Vince Homan Insurance, LLC Client Q & A

  OfficeKey Client Vince Homan ( offers Medicare Insurance, Individual Health Insurance, Group Health Insurance, and Global Travel Health Insurance. Check out his client Q & A:  Q: What motivated you to choose this profession? A: Helping Baby-boomers like myself. Q: Have you been in this field your whole adult life?  A: Yes, 39 years.

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Meet Maggard Elder Law Attorney, Perry Schaible

Maggard Elder Law is an estate planning firm. They specialize in writing wills and trusts, but their main focus is helping their clients to be prepared for and comfortable with their decisions about the end of life. Attorney Perry Schaible completed the Q & A for us.  Q: Why did you choose law as a

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Meet Erica McCain of McCain and Associates

McCain and Associates helps people prepare for and transition into retirement by putting their hard-earned assets to work. Most people preparing for retirement have a lot of products or accounts. However, they don’t typically have a plan or know how to make those products all work together strategically to maximize their income and lower taxes

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“Our clients love our multi-location facilities—we meet them in the OfficeKey office most conveniently located to them.”
Diane SJ, Principal, Consulting Firm
“The office spaces are so attractive that many of our customers were impressed with what we were able to afford as a small business, and that helped our sales grow.”
Timothy W, President, Marketing Firm
“I especially like how easy it is to reserve a conference or meeting room.”
Holly G, Vice President, National Health Care Provider
“The reception staff at OfficeKey is always professional and happily greet our clients, setting a wonderful first impression.”
Lydia M, Business Manager, Management Consulting Firm
“The people at OfficeKey are the best in the business. They go out of their way to proactively support the success of our company.”
Todd U, CEO, Executive Coaching Firm
“What really makes it great for me is that I don't have to be bothered with hiring staff, getting substitute help when there is sickness or during their vacations.”
Tim M, Principal, Law Firm
“We are proud of the facilities which are impressive and equipped with great technology.”
Dianne SJ, Principal, Consulting Firm
“OfficeKey has provided my practice with a professional and welcoming staff and quality image that is essential in maintaining and growing my organization.”
Garry K, President, Wealth Management Firm
“We started as 1 employee in a cubicle for a few hundred dollars a month, and were able to scale to almost 8 employees in the same office space for a very reasonable cost.”
Timothy W, President, Marketing Firm
“I was in a position of not having a company presence one day, and needing to be up and running at full speed the next day. OfficeKey gave me that ability.”
Joe B, President, Agency for Professional Athletes
“Since OfficeKey has multiple locations available to me, their service provides me the ability to have an expanded presence without the overhead of running multiple offices.”
Sharif A, Principal, Law Firm