As an 18-year employee of OfficeKey, Kim is ready for any situation that may arise. She supports the Hyde Park location most of the time, but also visits our 4 other locations to stay familiar with all of our clients.

Spartanburg, SC born and raised, Kim has 4 sisters and a brother. As a high school junior at Chapman High School she was responsible for a bus route. She picked up other high school students and drove them to and from school. She could not drive the bus if any dangers were present like broken windows. She parked the bus in front of her home.  To earn this position she had to take a training course and pass a bus driver’s test.

Kim came to OfficeKey in August of 1998, after being an administrative assistant at Adidas USA and Lockwood Greene Engineering, where she had to gain security clearance due to being close to military documents such as blueprints (if you ask her about it..she still won’t tell you anything). To earn this clearance she had to have a very clean background and solid references.

Kim is an avid cat lover! When she is not at OfficeKey she enjoys spending time with her 4 cats (2 bermans and 2 black shorthair rescues) and her 3 year old grandaughter (who calls her “Mimi”). She enjoys reading romance novels like Love Swept and Harlequin. She has two children Suzanne and Jeremy. Much of her family still lives in South Carolina.