A 33-Year Partnership

On October 31st we celebrated the retirement of long-time OfficeKey client Tim Mara. Mr. Mara started with us back when we were called HQ. His start date was June 10, 1985, and the original term length was 6 months. Incredibly that turned into 33 years!

During his career, Tim has been a prominent advocate for citizens concerned about the future of their communities.  He has also worked with environmental groups and local governments. 

A few years ago Tim stated, “I’ve been with Office Key for thirty years now, and obviously I’m very pleased with their services or I would have gone elsewhere long ago.  What really makes it great for me as a lawyer who is a sole practitioner is that I don’t have to be bothered with hiring staff, getting substitute help when there is sickness or during their vacations.  And the continuity has been great because the turnover of OfficeKey’s staff is minimal.”

33 Years at OfficeKeySometimes people think of flexible workspace as a short-term solution.  Our partnership with Tim and several others like him prove that this is not necessarily the case.  We’re thankful that we have been able to work with Tim for so many years and wish him well.