OfficeKey Business Types

The business types below have all had or currently have offices at OfficeKey:

  • Law firms
  • Wealth management firms
  • Marketing companies
  • Accounting practices
  • Insurance agencies
  • Sales offices
  • Tech companies
  • Executive placement companies
  • Professional associations
  • Business consultants
  • Retired executives
  • Mental health professionals
  • Staffing agencies
  • Training companies
  • Real estate brokers and consultants
Home Based BusinessesNational Companies with Cincinnati EmployeesExecutives & Professionals
OfficeKey is an easy and economical way to elevate your firm’s image and solve your office space dilemma. No more awkward “Where should we meet?” conversations. With simple agreements, multiple prestigious addresses and turnkey infrastructure, you and your associates can focus on your work….not shopping for and maintaining an office. Our helpful administrative professionals can limit interruptions so you can be even more productive. Establishing your office with us will include access to spacious conference rooms, collaboration space and the technology of a large corporation – not to mention flexible terms, room to grow and the choice to work from any of our locations. We have what your firm needs when and where you need it – all within budget.
OfficeKey makes it easy to establish your Cincinnati office with clear budgets, flexible agreements, and immediate office setup. Your people will hit the ground running and be enabled to work efficiently with our turnkey office solution and proven infrastructure.

Our locations will reflect your company’s quality and are strategically placed in the area’s business hubs. The variety of locations provides your employees with convenient commutes and access to areas with quality dining and entertainment options. When your employees feel valued and cared for they will be more engaged in their work! Your company can scale up or down easily as business needs change and you can find comfort in knowing that in OfficeKey, you are working with a long-standing supplier and professional office administrators. There’s really no risk!

OfficeKey supports the success of hundreds of executives of varying business types. Our convenient, high-quality locations, reliable infrastructure, and professional administrative staff will make your life quite a bit easier, more flexible and more efficient than traditional office space. As an established and professional office, this is a good place to meet with customers and interview candidates – it shows really well! Plus, you can set up your office immediately so you can hit the ground running and not miss a beat.