Administrative Professionals Day – April 25, 2018

Administrative Professionals DayAdministrative Professionals Day is one that we hold in high regard at OfficeKey.  Our staff works day in and day out to keep all of our clients’ businesses running smoothly. Schedules are regularly adjusted in order to assist with whatever need walks through the door, calls on the phone or pops up in the inbox. We are very mindful of the privilege and trust that our clients have given us. It goes without saying that they have earned a day to honor their hard work.  

Once a year we celebrate each other on this day and make it a point to get together and enjoy a nice lunch as a team.  With five office locations spread across the city, it is a rare occasion that our staff is able to gather in one place.  This is the one day out of the year that we do so during business hours. Thank you to all of our clients for trusting us with the details of their office and allowing us to spend this time together.