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Blue Ash Economic Development Update From The Expert

Blue Ash Economic Development Manager Visits OfficeKey Attendees of our Key Connections Lunch in July got the inside scoop on upcoming projects being planned in Blue Ash, and how the Summit Park development is being phased in at a cost of $10M/yr! The Blue Ash Economic Development Director, Neil Hensley, was insightful and enthusiastic about the

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How to BE a Great Networker

Five Tips for Networking Success One piece of advice that you’ll often get as a small business owner or leader is to network. And, that is a great piece of advice if you follow it. But, to make it work, you actually have to “be” a networker. What does that mean? Often, people will join

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Where are You Holding Your Important Meetings?

The Alternative to Coffee Shops for Important Meetings Have you become used to meeting your clients and/or prospects at a coffee shop or out to lunch? Perhaps you think you can’t afford an office and meeting at restaurants is a cost effective way to run your business. Take a look at these reason why public

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